We Are Feeling Like Cinnamon_toast_fuck Tonight
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We Are Feeling Like Cinnamon_toast_fuck Tonight

Cinnamon_toast_fuck has given me a great gift with 30 years of cereal slogans to reference to her name, for that I must thank her. She also is extremely beautiful and exudes a sense of class and grace, even with her legs in the air she still holds a certain level of refinement to her. She is wearing a beautiful burgundy toned printed dress that has buttons strategically left open so her tits fall out, and a very sexy collar necklace. Her hair is pulled back with pieces falling on both sides of her face, creating a frame for her lovely facial features. Her makeup is just totally on pint, with eye makeup that works with the natural curves of her eyes and red lips that look fantastic with her skin tone. You should absolutely join this fabulous girl,Cinnamon_toast_fuck , in her room and show her lots of love… and tips.

We Are Feeling Like Cinnamon_toast_fuck Tonight
We Are Feeling Like Cinnamon_toast_fuck Tonight

i am a tragic faerie.
INFP Archetype.
i love music, cheesy poetry, cuddles, and sleep.
i watch mostly comedy. It’s hard to take this world seriously.
i am genuinely bad at this job.
Just… fucking truly awful.
But i love doing porn! i really want to be a debauched goddess, and dive deep into the most perverse within our collective consciousness….
but i struggle under the weight of my own.
And i cant stand my reflection.
Its difficult to stay buoyant.
i encounter powerful dysphoria.
Dysphoria, Depression, Depersonalization/Disassociation.
Some people have Masters Degrees, or Doctorates.
When i have good days i cam.
So in the time i’m not on cam i try to immerse myself in work on music. Otherwise i do dumb shit like waste 2 hours writing a profile no one will read, one that elaborately scares people away, on a site where i’m supposed to inspire and generate erections.
Follow me please? https://twitter.com/CinnamonToastFk

Wish List:
a cute girliefriend i can play music with and cuddle.
Someone who shares a strong mutual necessity for the outlet of music.
I still want Johnny Depp to dress up as edward sissorhands and perform my orchiectomy.
Some lists will appear here soon, im just not much of a materialistic person.
Guitar strings maybe? I blow through sets pretty fast.

We Are Feeling Like Cinnamon_toast_fuck Tonight
We Are Feeling Like Cinnamon_toast_fuck Tonight

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