Cinnamon_toast_fuck Serenades Us With Her Guitar
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Cinnamon_toast_fuck Serenades Us With Her Guitar

The always sexy Cinnamon_toast_fuck is looking quite stunning as she joins us while playing a little guitar in her room today. Of course, the fact that she is doing so while in the nude is a pretty big bonus to this as well, and she is giving us a show that pleases both aurally and visually. I have to admit, I will always have a special place in my heart for trans girls who are making music, and when they are as cute as she is that is a definite winner of a combination to enjoy. Come and get a front row seat to the show by joining Cinnamon_toast_fuck in her room right now, and be sure to tip your musician for all that talent she is sharing with us tonight.

Cinnamon_toast_fuck Serenades Us With Her Guitar
Cinnamon_toast_fuck Serenades Us With Her Guitar

i am a tragic faerie.
INFP Archetype.
i love music, cheesy poetry, cuddles, and sleep.
i watch mostly comedy. It’s hard to take this world seriously.
i am genuinely bad at this job.
Just… fucking truly awful.
But i love doing porn! i really want to be a debauched goddess, and dive deep into the most perverse within our collective consciousness….
but i struggle under the weight of my own.
And i cant stand my reflection.
Its difficult to stay buoyant.
i encounter powerful dysphoria.
Dysphoria, Depression, Depersonalization/Disassociation.
Some people have Masters Degrees, or Doctorates.
When i have good days i cam.
So in the time i’m not on cam i try to immerse myself in work on music. Otherwise i do dumb shit like waste 2 hours writing a profile no one will read, one that elaborately scares people away, on a site where i’m supposed to inspire and generate erections.
Follow me please?

Wish List:
a cute girliefriend i can play music with and cuddle.
Someone who shares a strong mutual necessity for the outlet of music.
I still want Johnny Depp to dress up as edward sissorhands and perform my orchiectomy.
Some lists will appear here soon, im just not much of a materialistic person.
Guitar strings maybe? I blow through sets pretty fast.

Cinnamon_toast_fuck Serenades Us With Her Guitar

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