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Angelica_gi's Sexy Toy Suck Tease
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Angelica_gi’s Sexy Toy Suck Tease

From the very first moment I hear Angelica_gi’s enchanting music, I feel I have been transported to a brand new world. A kingdom where her beauty reigns supreme!

She looks incredibly adorable with a pastel shirt that is almost coming off her body. A pair of white, fluffy ears add even more adorableness and style to the whole look and also goes along nicely with all the other toys in her room. I see so many plush toys and characters all coming together to create her wonderland.

Those plushies are not the only toys in the room either as Angelica_gi grabs a much naughtier one to play with. It’s a big dildo and it’s here to act like a lollipop while she seductively sucks on it. What a tasty treat!

Angelica_gi's Sexy Toy Suck Tease

Angelica_gi's Sexy Toy Suck Tease

Angelica_gi's Sexy Toy Suck Tease

Angelica_gi writes:

Name:Angelica Gi
Languages:English, Spanish
Age:20 years old
Interested in:Transsexuals
Body type:Skinny
Specifics:Big Ass, Shaven
Eye color:Grey