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The Blue Paradise Of Trans_Sensualx
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The Blue Paradise Of Trans_Sensualx

There may not be a sequel to Avatar out yet, but it looks like Trans_Sensualx is creating her own little world right in her room to pay tribute to the movie and its many characters.

A combination of actual body paint, lots of make-up and some camera effects have transformed her into one of the Na’vi straight from the movie. I’m absolutely blown away by how magical she looks! In the movie they had to use CGI to make this look work, but her talents and skills as a cosplayer have brought this character to life with actual paint and it’s incredibly impressive and sexy at the same time.

Trans_Sensualx’s room is like a blue paradise and I’m delighted to see her putting some finishing touches on the whole look while hanging around with no clothes on – ready for even more fun.

The Blue Paradise Of Trans_Sensualx

The Blue Paradise Of Trans_Sensualx

The Blue Paradise Of Trans_Sensualx

Trans_Sensualx writes:

Real Name: angel
Followers: 10907
I am: Trans
Interested In: Men, Women, Trans, Couples
Location: house of Angel
Language(s): English
Body Type: Booty
Body Decorations: nothing

Avatar Beauty_Trans_
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