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It’s Sexy Time for Geeky Lovers Lucy and Annie

The gorgeously geeky Lucy Sioux and Annie Trappington join each other for a lovely romp in this photo series recently released by T Girls Porn. Trans lesbian porn is one of my favourite genres. To see two trans girls loving each other drives me wild with desire, and Sioux and Trappington are clearly enjoying themselves in this beautiful shoot by Radius Dark. Lucy Sioux is an adorably nerdy pleasure in her glasses and Star Wars gear, whilst Annie Trappington‘s slim physique is bound to give viewers a tingle downstairs. After flirting with their light-sabers the two strip down and get it on. Both girls are amply hung and not afraid to show it off, sucking one another’s dicks and masturbating each other before experiencing the high of anal sex. I love girls with dicks, and I love girl-on-girl action. What could be better than two girls with dicks getting it on? This shoot is a wonderful addition to the corpus of trans porn. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to have a shower.

Lucy Sioux & Annie Trappington 01

Lucy Sioux & Annie Trappington 02

Lucy Sioux and Annie Trappington 15

TGirls Porn Says:
Femout regulars Lucy Sioux & Annie Trappington are two up and cumming kinksters who share one very common interest – SEX! Always rampantly horny in their solo work we decided to bring these two little nymphos together and let the chemistry happen exclusively for TGirls.Porn and BOOM we were not disappointed!! Check out these two very well hung she-devils creating some serious fireworks in this ball-slapping XXX shot by Mr Radius Dark….daaamn!!!