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Jamie French: Ada Black Licks Ice Cream and Toes

In addition to being a hot blonde with the side of her head shaved, Jamie French also directs other girls on her site. Nobody does trans foot fetish like award-winning producer Jamie French. Just to whet your appetite, here is a free video of Jamie French and cutie Ada Black having a slumber party and showing off their wriggling little pedicures. For her site, Jamie French has Ada Black eat some ice cream. But Ada Black is a messy eater and she gets that ice cream everywhere. Not to worry though because she is flexible enough to lick it off her own toes. I love the innocent mischief vibe that Jamie French gets in her work and Ada Black is just adorable here. I love the way her inked hand looks wrapped around her hard cock. I would have thought you weren’t supposed to put the cherry from dessert in your ass, but Ada Black proves me wrong in this hot update.