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The Vibrations Are Getting to AffairToAGodess

AffairToAGodess has a new feature called Live Vibe turned on and it is quite the turn-on. Live Vibe connects Gold tips to a vibrator she has deep inside her, so we can vibrate her to distraction remotely. AffairToAGodess looks beautiful as always, with her white teeth and her seductive moans and flawless makeup. When she cries out, “I want more,” and flutters those big eyelashes, my heart flutters along with them. Her cock is incredibly beautiful too. She is about to go into an exclusive show, but, if you want to have her all to yourself for a while, it is free to register for an account that will let you email her and figure out a time that would be good for both of you to get to know each other.

Turn Ons
I love to watch men cum all over themselves. If you eat your own cum that’s even better. Dick size doesn’t matter to me so long as you know how to use it and know how to please a woman. Please be respectful and ask for things politely.
I can cum all day long. Seriously, no one has worn me out yet. I dare you to come and try. šŸ™‚