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Fabulous Fucking with Transsexual Rogues Britney Boykins and Chelsea Marie

Tattoos! Tongues! Trans girls! What more could you ask for? This steamy film from Shemale Idol stars the stone-cold stunners Britney Boykins and Chelsea Marie. Our journey into the sexy world of these two vixens starts with a monologue by Britney Boykins who’s keen to show off her powerful bust. Then her friend Chelsea Marie is introduced before the two get down to some serious fucking. It’s all here: kissing, breast-licking, cock-sucking and ass-fucking. These two girls are majestic, tattooed beauties with big, proud dicks. And there’s no shortage of cum in this twenty-minute odyssey of love. There’s nothing better than a pair of big-boobed trans girls getting it on. Don’t agree? Download the video and then tell me what you think. After you’ve cooled down, that is.

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Rogue Adventures 44 from ShemaleIdol with Britney Boykins and Chelsea Marie.

Rogue Adventures 44 from ShemaleIdol with Britney Boykins and Chelsea Marie.

ShemaleIdol Description:
Rogue Adventures #44
Starring Britney Boykins, Chelsea Marie
Categories Hardcore, Big Tits, Anal, Deepthroat, Gonzo, Blowjob, Shemale & Tranny, Colored hair, Tattoo & Piercing, Cumshot
Description : Britney Boykins is a stylish T-girl with big tits, plump lips; her gorgeous body is festooned in skin art. Wearing a skin-tight body-skirt, she talks to the camera before engaging in a lewd ass-fuck with trans-girl Chelsea Marie. Chelsea’s tight bikini perfectly accentuates her mountainous tits; the breathtaking ladyboys sloppily suck each other, heating up for a blistering butt fuck. Britney fondles herself as Chelsea fucks her. There’s ass-to-mouth cocksucking. Chelsea slurps up Britney’s cream and slathers Britney’s face in cum.

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Chelsea Marie crams cock in Treasure Barbie!

Redheaded Chelsea Marie and brunette Treasure Barbie look so tasty in their bikinis, it’s easy to understand why these two deliciously tattooed temptresses wanna go indoors quickly and take...